Injured Workers' Stories

Just after we were married my wife was injured at work. We spent about $10,000 in legal fees so that my wife could return to work and countless hours over many years treating her injury. Today my wife is still able to work and with treatment from time to time she is able to manage her pain and her injury and keep on working. I have nothing but contempt for the public hospital that did this to my wife and I will never forgive them for what they put her through. I would encourage anybody who is injured at work to seek support from their union but above all else I would encourage them to believe that justice will eventually prevail and not to give up until you have this justice because some employers are simply criminal in their disregard for health and safety and their complete lack of respect for employees.

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14 Jul 2014

I work in child protection and in May 2012 I became ill and eventually diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I now exhibit traumatisation and have symptoms of PTSD. All of this was the result of my work place. Bullied by managers, overworked, working high pressure cases with no support. As if that was not bad enough my Workcover nightmare for the last 18 months has been soul destroying. I have been treated like a criminal. I was left to pay for my own therapy and when I tried to get this reimbursed I was given a pittance. In February 2013 after months of asking for meetings with the insurers and DHS, I was sent for an IME instead. What a joke that was. On Thursday in March 2013 I received a phone call telling me I was returning to work on Monday and QBE would close the file in 3 weeks. This was the first I heard of this. The next day I received a letter with a return to work plan. The plan was unsigned and no one at any point contacted my medical team for an update. I ended up in conciliation which found in my favour but in the mean time I had used all of my leave. As I won the case all my leave was restored but then I was told that I was paid less on Workcover than my leave payments and this left a debt of thousands of dollars. Mind you I received no pay for 7 weeks before someone told me what was happening. I had no money and then I was on reduced payments with $1500 debt still to pay. I was injured in my work place and I was still being abused at every turn. Now I have been pushed into the NES program being forced to find another job when I am still unwell and have little to offer an employer. I am trying to get a return to work in Child Protection, even though the psychological damage could be permanent if I do but I want these low life's out of my life and I feel this is the only way out for me. I would never encourage anyone to go down this line as it has done as much psychological damage as the original injury. I am not a bludger nor trying to cheat the system. I need support

Nothing but lies and spin from the start. Told I couldn't have their doctor's report on me, claims of lost paperwork, expenses not paid until numerous calls made, caseworkers change more often than the weather, meaning they "missed" something or "I didn't know about that as I've just taken over your case", etc etc etc.

Even doctors and pharmacists warn you about

(Agent name deleted for legal reasons)- don't lose this, make a copy of that, their reputation in the medical field is deplorable.

(Agent name deleted for legal reasons)- create so much stress in order to have people go away as they are aware that genuine people have trouble with all their lies and spins.

Space prevents me from including more details of their treatment of me, suffice to say, they are without doubt the worst people/company I have ever had to deal with in my entire life.

I still break out in an anxiety sweat when I see their ad's on TV etc, and my claim was 7 yrs ago.

However I do still have interaction with them as they pay for my medication and psych visits.

Can I make a stress claim against them?

Then again I don't think I could handle all their lies and denials.

Thank you for posting this website. It should have been done yrs ago.

Hopefully something will come of it, but be very careful of their lies and deceptions!!!


I was forced back to work, which exacerbated my injury.

I was interrogated twice by a Workcover psychiatrist - Dr edited due to legal reasons - in Richmond, who damaged me further. I filed a complaint with the Australian Medical Board, and the Aust. Psychiatrical organisation which was thrown out after Workcover advice. Dr edited due to legal reasons has had previous complaints made about him to the Medical Board. I know of one woman who was suicidal after being interviewed by him. Personally, I rang Lifeline from my car outside his office after the second interview, and had to ring a friend to drive me home, as I was incapable.

Despite excellent legal representation, Dr edited due to legal reasons conclusions re my psychological state ruined my chance of significant compensation. I was assessed as about (I cannot remember without looking up the records) 3% under the amount needed for psychological damage - which is massive.

10 years on, I have finally rebuilt my life, however the injury cost me my marriage, my home, my home-town and friends and of course my job and career.

I still need very regular psychological consultation, am still on medication for anxiety/depression, and cannot recount the story any further except by telephone. To write more brings too much back.

I have survived, but have significant and permanent (as confirmed by my doctor) vulnerabilities, and need to protect myself on a daily basis - at work, and in the community and daily life.

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